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Django Reinhardt recorded "Stockholm" for the first time in June 1939.


Discography Information:

  • Stockholm, 30/6/39, OPG 1719-1 ,"Fremeaux FA 309, Classics 813, Affinity AFS 1003, Jazz Time 251270-2, Jazz Archives 157222, Mosaic MD6-190(6 CD Set)."," - Paris - QHCF - Stephane Grappelly (v), Django Reinhardt, Eugene Vees, Pierre Ferret (g), Emmanuel Soudieux (b)"
  • Stockholm,OSW 174-1 ,"Fremeaux FA 311, Classics 852, OR0062, HEP 1041, Jazz Time 799991-2"
  • Stockholm, 7-15-22/9/47, "Fremeaux FA 314, Classics 1046, Vogue 228E 6006, Legacy 411(""Scandinavia"")"," - Paris - Souvenirs de Django - Django Reinhardt (elg), Hubert Rostaing (cl), Eugene Vees (g), Emmanuel Soudieux (b), Andre Jourdan (d)"

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